Who We Are

Beach-USA was developed by the founders and owners of Internet Business Images, an Internet marketing and web site development firm.

Over the years, the owners have made many trips to the beach with their families and have faced the challenge of keeping the trip as relaxing and stress free as possible.

After returning from one of her trips to the beach, and having faced the challenge of simultaneously keeping up with 3 small children and toting all of her beach paraphernalia, Jeanne was inspired to develop a product to simplify this "fun" trip. The product is the Strap-Along, which is used to bundle those hard-to-carry items. Once the umbrellas, chairs, towels, etc. are bundled with a Strap-Along, they can be carried on the shoulder, and the hands are then free for holding the hands of small children or for other tasks. And, other needs have been the inspiration for the other products on this site. As other products are developed and/or refined they will also be added. In the meantime, read about the products that we have, place your order, and take them along on your next trip to the beach.

Thanks for visiting our web site, and don't forget to tell your friends about our products.