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Strap-Along TM

 stap-alongs The Strap-Along is a utility strap that is used to bundle those hard-to-carry items into a manageable, easy-to-carry load -- place the strap on your shoulder, toss it into a car, or hang it on a hook for storage. For people of all ages.  Reportedly, our youngest Strap-Along user is 7 and the oldest is 89!

Beach Belt TM

Beach Products: Beach Belt
The Beach Belt provides an easy way to carry keys, change, a towel, and shells. It adjusts to different waist sizes, and has towel loops, and two removable mesh bags.

The Beach-USA Beach Belt makes those long strolls along the beach more enjoyable!

Add-A-Shade TM

 Does your beach umbrella give you sufficient shade; or, is the shade barely enough to shield your head from the sun? Add-A-Shade provides additional shade to protect against the sun's damaging rays.

Increase the amount of shade provided by a beach umbrella by attaching one, or more, Add-A-Shades to the umbrella.

SandGrabber TM

 If you have trouble getting your beach umbrella to stay upright in the sand, we recommend the SandGrabber TM, an auger type device that can be turned firmly into the sand to form a solid base for your beach umbrella.

Pole-R Bear Hook TM

With the Pole-R Bear Hook TM, you can hang your cameras, hats, towels, or anything you want kept dry and out of the way!



Beach Towel Clips TM

Beach Towel Clips With the Beach Towel Clips TM, you'll have a simple new way to keep that beach towel in place! This ingenious clip comes in a handy set of four that clip on the towel corners and are simply pushed into the sand to hold down the four corners of your towel. No more searching for stones on the beach or using flip flops and water bottles to keep your towel ffrom blowing in the wind.

Sk8rStrap TM

If You Have A Skateboard, You Need a Sk8rStrap. TM

Love Skateboarding? You'll love it even more when you use the Sk8rStrapTM!  A new way to carry your skateboard -- Attach your skateboard, your elbow and knee pads, keys, hat, cell phone, etc.  Put the Sk8rStrapTM on your shoulder and you're ready to go.  

Beach-USA is the exclusive distributor for Sk8rStrapTM

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