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How many times have you sat under a beach umbrella to find that the shade was barely enough to shield your head from the sun? Well, Add-A-Shade is here! Notice in the pictures below that, by itsself, the umbrella provides very little shade. After attaching an Add-A-Shade, there's enough shade to shield your entire body from the sun's damaging rays. If you want even more shade, use 2, or 3!

Add-A-Shades are made in the U.S.A. from InvistaTM SolarMax® brand nylon fabric which has superior ultraviolet resistance. The fabric is Lightweight, Strong, Abrasion Resistant, Washable, Fast Drying, and Oil Resistant in addition to resisting shrinkage and being Ultraviolet Resistant.

Add-A-Shade has been tested and used on beaches in many parts of the world since 2004. It is well constructed to hold up in the winds typical on most beaches. Don't accept cheap, foreign-made knock-offs that may blow away or collapse in a typical sea breeze.

Add-A-Shades are designed to use with all commercially sold beach umbrellas. Add-A-Shade can also be attached to other shade structures that are frequently used at the beach, sports events, and festivals. Many of our customers use them to extend the shade provided by the canopies on campers and RV's. So many uses! And, the Add-A-Shade is made in the U.S.A.

Beach USA's Add-A-Shade™ was tested and recommended by the Good Housekeeping Research Institute. The Add-A-Shade™ was one of the products featured in the June, 2009 issue of Good Housekeeping, and was one of the products included in a segment of ABC TV's Good Morning America on June 5th. Beach-USA has manufactured Add-A-Shades and sold them commercially since 2004

Beach Products - Add-A-Shade            Beach Products - Add-A-Shade


Beach Products - Add-A-Shade             Beach Products - Add-A-Shade

Add-A-Shade is a must for your trips to the beach. Order your's today and experience the difference.

Add-A-Shades are available in Blue and Orange and are priced at just $38.50 (USD).
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On our beach outings we've seen many people struggle with and become frustrated with beach umbrellas. A common problem is that it's hard to get an umbrella to stay upright if you just stick it in the sand, especially if there is much of a breeze. If you have trouble getting your beach umbrella to stay upright in the sand, we recommend the SandGrabber TM, an auger type device that can be turned firmly into the sand to form a solid base for your beach umbrella. assumes no responsibility for any customer's use or misuse of a Beach-USA product. This applies to Strap-Alongs, Beach Belts, Add-A-Shades, and other products sold on this web site. Although some testimonials from satisfied customers state other ways they have used Beach-USA products, Beach-USA does not endorse or encourage the use of our products for any purpose other than those specified on the Beach-USA web site. Neither Beach-USA nor Internet Business Images, LLC is liable for product misuse.