Terms and Conditions

Before you place your order, please read the following basic Terms and Conditions.

Shipping Methods:

Regular Shipping:

    Orders will be shipped by U.S. Postal Service.

    Over 10 items will be shipped UPS Ground Service.

Rush or Special Delivery:

    Call 865-406-4201 or email Beach@Beach-USA.com to arrange for "Rush" or "Special Delivery" orders.


    Call 865-406-4201 or email Beach@Beach-USA.com for international orders. While you may place international orders through our on-line order form, additional shipping charges may apply and must be paid before the order is shipped.



Domestic Regular Shipping:
     Shipping for single items is $3 for Strap-Alongs, Beach Towel Clips and Beach-Belt; $5 for Add-A-Shades and Sk8rStraps; $6 for SandGrabbers; $6 for Cush'n-Shades. Rates are reduced for additional items. A single $5 per order packing and handling fee is added for each order, regardless of the number of items ordered.

For international orders, shipping costs will be determined based on destination and desired delivery method.


Delivery Time:

Delivery time will generally take from three to seven days for addresses in the United States. During peak demand periods there may be up to 10 days delay in shipping for items that may be temporarily out of stock.


Where We Ship:

We ship anywhere within the 48 contiguous states of the United States at the listed rates. Contact us directly to arrange for international shipments.



If, upon receipt, you find an item to be defective, you may return it for an exchange. We cannot accept returns if the item has been used or subjected to damaging conditions beyond our control. Call or email Beach-USA before returning any product. A return authorization number will be assigned, and instructions will be given for returning the defective item.


Billing Policy:

Payment must be completed through PayPal before the order will be shipped.


Payment Options

PayPal accepts most credit cards and other forms of payment for on-line orders. Payments must be completed before on-line orders are shipped.

For international customers, we accept certified checks, or international money orders denominated in US dollars. Certified checks, or international money orders must clear by the issuing bank or institution before the products will be shipped.

  Sales Tax:

A sales tax of 9.75% will be applied to all orders with a "Ship To" address in Tennessee.


Order Status Inquiries

For order status, email Beach@Beach-USA.com  


We warrant our merchandise to be free of defects at the time of shipping. We will not be subject to claims for subsequent damages beyond our control or for misuse of the products.


Changes to Terms and Conditions and other Web Site Content

Beach-USA shall have the right at any time to change or modify these terms and conditions.

While content of the web site is believed to be accurate, Beach-USA, LLC shall not accept liability for any typographical errors in pricing or other details.  

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